Zapya - File Sharing App Reviews

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Perfect app

Perfect just few bugs that I hope theyll be removed in next versions


The app is awesome!!

About transmission betweeen ios and non ios device

We just can send smaller files.... But when larger files are sent.... It always show transmission error (between ios and non-ios device)

Good app

Thanks for this app


Very good app for ios device

Best app ever

Nice performance


Its awesome But we can never send app in iphone its bad .

very good application

thanks Zapya


Not better from version 3


Not even worth one star, lasted 15 minutes on my phone, many better apps than this useless crap app

Its Good

Best of file transfer program

last version 4.0.0

there is a suddenly crash if I use open in another app. please fix it because I love zapya


This app is craccn


Very very usefull


Its a good app for share anythings to any devices any where


Why? We cant play music or video !!!

Works perfectly fine

So easy so nice, never been easier


In the last update I cant open my files in other apps and when i tap the open in ... It will crash

Low options

Really ? There isnt an option to move files between zapya folders ? Cmon!

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