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Stock music player

Make an update for transferred music to be put straight to Apples stock music app. Music stays on this app but I would like it to be on the stock music app instead.


Please fix the app problem with ios8. I cant ever open zapya

Great app!!!

This app is great, it solved my problem with iPhone to PC transfers because I do not use iTunes. This app allows me to send pictures & music to my PC in one easy step. Sometimes I have to push send a few times to get it through but it always works eventually. I highly recommend this app if you dont like iTunes.


This version has a bug when u want to listen the music

Music bug

Good app but needs improvement in its video and music player. After this update you cant play musics that are not in your music folder.

not confortable

the music player is not good ! reach to the top top music & cant open foldered music

Worst transfering app ever!

Slowest app! Shareit was way faster than Zapya! Iphone direct is faster too! The design is so mixed up!

Crush in my phone

Can not open in my iphone5s current version ios 8.4.1.please update

For more improvement

Plz improve this version bcuz in this Music bug we cant open or share any music to another app like in whats App viber etc Old version was good

fix song player

my song not to play please fix it


Very good transferring method !

Report a problem

I still have problem in opening the app in iPhone 4S IOS9 It crashes. I cant use it

Fast and useful

Better than share it

Good App

Good to use and share between different platforms.


Nice app, very useful

awesome app

its an awesome app


This app does exactly what you want to easily and quickly transfer photos from an IPhone to a Windows PC. EXCELLENT.

Music pause problem

I cant pause music from the control centre anymore after the new update (atleast not on my iPhone 5s) please fix it.

Best App

Admit it... This app is 100 times better than other sharing apps... Very smooth sharing I love Zapya

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