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PC app packaged with malware/virus

When I downloaded the PC companion app to complete the file transfer from my iOS device to my PC, the PC app was packaged with malware/viruses such as Chromium and Updane. While the file transfer works fairly easily, be aware that your PC will now be infected and you’ll need to remove the malware/viruses.

Too much spam/garbage

The application for windows installed a bunch of junk and the app is a hot mess of ads and “news”. I would have bought the pro if I thought that stuff would be removed. Very disappointing.

Please remove it

Don't like dirty movie and video appearing


I own a mac and a windows laptop so this comes in handy. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. THIS APP IS A BLESSING.

❤️It’s good


Hi guys ur the but bestI forgot my password

After I updated my zapya I couldn't work on fairly this is my phone no0093704146149 just help me

my zapya can't open...please help me!!!!!!!

i am using all my videos are in there...but now zapya can't open...when i open it, the screen became black and closed automatically...that is really important for me...please do something for me...please fix it...because those videos are the one that i treasure a lot...😭😭😭😭😭

A Life Saver

Wish I had this years ago. Easily and perfectly performs as described. You can stop looking now

All I can say is wow.!

This app does everything I wanted to do with very useful features.

Mal trabajo

Noo me deja guardar los contenidos de mi historial a mi cell directamente

Super good tool it has saved me a ton of time ....

Awesome tool


What a good app i love it yeeehh😎😎



Awesome app

Love this app

Complete Garbage

yeah whatever. Horrible across multiple platforms don't think so.

What’s up

Beautiful app

It’s so good.

I love it.

Refix the video plz

Please refix the video player the previous one is better than the update and we can't pause the video while the video is playing. Thx

Video playing function

I miss old version for video playing because i like skipping function (finger swap) BR//

Bad update

The app was perfect in the last update but in the new update you have made some adjustments to the video player now i can’t skip forward the video with sliding my finger and sometimes even the pause doesn’t work please fix it

make it better not worse

Said enhanced video player, but I found worsen video player. Pause do not work. Auto rotate do not work. Worse forwarding/back-warding. All are previously Ok.

Zero star

So many bugs on latest update.Network requrie for watching videos which have been received.Video player cannot be screen rotate,no swipe skipping,sometimes pause button didn't work,etc.

Not Good

So bad why i cannot see video on this version



OMG - EZ-PZ!!!

Been a windows guy since the early 90s – recently persuaded to buy an iPhone by wife and kids. Biggest problem was transferring videos from iPhone to PC in office. Finally found Zapya and voilà! Thank you!!!

Video Player

I can’t slide to skip the seconds by seconds of the movie in Zapya on my iPad. And I can’t play any video without WiFi or data connection. Previous version can slide to skip and can play without any connection. Please fix those things.

Video player

all of Zapya versions, this version is the worst!! Enhance video but video player is disappointing

Disappointing for this version 5.4.7

I really disappointing this version 5.4.7 . This version is not appropriate for users because this version has bad video play. You showed enhanced video playe but it is so bad for users. So,please revise your video play in next version and release next version quickly as soon as possible. Thanks alot ZAPYA !

Best File Sharing App

Zapya is the best file sharing app I’ve used so far. It’s easy to use and efficient! You don’t need WiFi to share apps and the use of QR codes, locations etc give you MANY options for fine transfers. I definitely recommend.

Needlessly complicated.

Just use Facebook Messenger, much easier than downloading this app and wasting time.

The Best file sharing app

Thank you so much Zapya Team

iPhone to PC GET IT

I waited to write a review. I wanted to test this first. As a blogger and artist it is so incredibly easy to use from my phone to my PC. These developers have given me a GREAT GIFT with this app. Works seamlessly I absolutely love it! If you need to transfer from smart phone to PC this is your vehicle! Thank you Zapya!

Not connecting to anyone!!

I don’t know whether it’s because of iOS 11.3 or the new app update but I can’t connect to anyone’s android phone, even people I sent files to using Zapya before(maybe because iPhone doesn’t connect to their hotspot because it says no internet connection). It’s a great app when it works though and I thank the developers for it Anyways, Zapya seems to fail me just when I need it most (recently) I expect the developers to fix it

Waste of time

I was trying to transfer photos From an android phone. It wanted to download and a PK file which I believe only works on android’s. The file would never download it after playing with it for 20 minutes and getting nowhere,I Uninstalled it and tried the ShareIt app and that one worked just great.I hate that I spent so much time trying to get this went to work. If you’re trying to transfer from android iPhone, be prepared to spend some time or just get an appetizer to use.

Great program

It is quick and easy to use. From sharing one to hundreds it handles it effortlessly


It is just awesome and helpful Especially when I transfer to/from laptop

Connecting Apple & Android devices

I've been trying for about an hour to connect to a android device and it doesn’t work, was much better before all the updates. Too complicated now.


Support Files App

Amazing app

Most useful app in the App Store


Nice App!!




Salaam cehtori

I’m going home now.


Wow! So easy to transfer files!

I used other apps and this one makes it an effortless process! I don’t normally leave reviews but this app is extraordinary.






Wonderful app

Awesome app transfer images from IOS to MS

Great App Could make sounds less obtrusive However awesome in functionality and reliability

Dé Diego

Necesito versión pro para el store estadunidense para tenerlo y es muy bueno para conectarse a redes sin internet

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